Introduction to Class Types

In Classwize there are three class types: Local, Synced, and Monitor Only Mode. Each of these class types has its own specific use cases, and not all of them may be used by your school. This article discusses when to use each type of class and how to identify them in Classwize.

Local Classrooms 

Classwize allows you to create a classroom from your own Classwize dashboard. Unlike Synced classrooms which are managed by your school’s administration, you have complete control over which students are in a Local classroom, and when those classes run. Local Classes will not sync with other systems such as Google Classroom.

Identifying a Local Classroom

To identify a Local classroom, look for the heading "Local" on the class tile on your My Classes dashboard.

Synced Classrooms

If your school manages classrooms and students centrally using a  Student Information System (SIS) like Clever or Wonde, or another tool like Google Classroom or Azure, Classwize will automatically create your classes and manage what students are in them. These are called Synced Classes. Synced classes differ from Local Classes in an important way: any changes you make to who is in the class and when it’s scheduled will be reset the next time Classwize syncs with School Manager. This usually happens outside of school hours, but can take place during the school day. If your school uses Google Classrooms, you may also be able to manually sync Classwize with Classrooms.

If you need to make a permanent change to your Synced classes, you need to speak to your school administration to change them in the class and student management tools. 

Google Classroom Sync

If you use Google Classrooms, you can manually sync them within Classwize. Other Student Information Systems require your IT Administrator to sync them from School Manager.

In the Classwize dashboard, you will also see the date of the last sync.

Find out more about syncing Classwize with Google Classrooms in our guide.

Identifying a Synced Classroom

Synced classes show a heading that tells you what service or system they are managed in.

Monitor Only Mode Classrooms

Classwize has a feature that allows you to create a special type of local classroom that permits a staff member to monitor student activity in a classroom without impacting any class settings such as Class Tools or Rules. This is called a Monitor Only Mode Classroom.

To identify a Monitor Only Mode classroom, look for the heading "Start Monitoring" on the class tile on your My Classes dashboard.