Closing Tabs

About the Close Tab feature

Close Tab is an optional Classwize feature that lets you immediately close any active or background tab on the student’s Chrome browser. 


Close Tab is optional and must be enabled for your school by an IT administrator. 

  • It’s available for students using the Linewize Connect for Chrome Education extension. 
  • It is currently unavailable for students using Connect for Windows or Mac

If this feature is not available for you, contact your IT administrator.

Closing Tabs from different Classwize views

You can close a tab from a few different places: Screen View, Live View, and List View.

Closing a tab on Screen View

When you start a class, it will open in Screen View by default. The student tiles in Screen View show screenshots of their active tabs (Chrome) or screens (Windows/Mac).

To close a student’s tab from Screen View, select the X icon next to the tab's title on the student tile. The tab will close and a screenshot of the next active tab will load on the tile.  

Stop students from reopening closed tabs

  • Create a Rule

To stop a student from reopening a closed tab, you can create a rule that blocks the closed tab for the student or the whole class. Select RULE and complete the pre-filled Add new rule dialog that appears. 

The tab will immediately close for the student and a notification will appear on their screen that the tab was closed when you blocked the site.

  • Start a Focus session

You can also turn on Focus to prevent students from browsing other websites and apps. See Introduction to Class Tools for more information on using Focus.

Closing Tabs from Live View

  1. Select the tab’s screenshot or an Icon on the student's tile.
  2. The Live View window will pop up.
  3. Select the X on any of the tabs in the Live view.

Closing Tabs from List View

  1. Select List View on the class toolbar. The student tiles will display open tabs as lists.
  2. Select the X icon next to the tab that you want to close.
  3. The tab will close and your screen will update after a few seconds.

Closing hidden background tabs 

On Screen View, background tabs appear at the bottom of the student tile. If the student has 10 or more background tabs, the student tile will indicate how many more tabs are running in the background. 

In the example on the right, the student tile shows that there are 8 hidden background tabs that are open on the student’s browser. 

Closing hidden background tabs from Screen View
  1. Select the More tabs indicator. The Open Tabs dialog will appear.
    If you don’t have a More Tabs Indicator, you will need to change your view to List View.
  2. Select the X icon next to the title of the tab that you want to close. Repeat this step for all other tabs you want to close.
    The tabs will close immediately on the student’s browser. 
  3. Select the X (close) on the top-right of the Open Tabs screen to return to the Class View.
Closing hidden background tabs from List View
  1. On the student tile, select SHOW ALL. The tile will expand and display the hidden background tabs.
  2. Select the close tab icon (X) for the tab that you want to close.


What does my student see?

If you close a Background tab, a message will appear on their active tab.

If you close an Active tab, their browser will show the next tab and a message will appear on their screen.

If you close multiple tabs, a message that some tabs have been closed.  Tab Closed screen will appear on their browser. 

When the last remaining tab has been closed, the student’s browser will show the Tab Closed screen.

Does this stop students from reopening closed tabs?

No, students can reopen tabs that you have closed or open the site in a new tab. You will need to make a Block Rule to stop them from accessing the site entirely.

Why don't I see this feature?

There are two reasons why you may not see this feature:

  • Your school or district may not have turned it on. Close Tab is an optional feature in Classwize. Your school or District's IT team needs to turn it on.
  • It's only available in Chrome. This feature is currently only available for students who are using Chrome internet browsers with the Linewize Mobile Zone extension enabled. Unfortunately, it is not available for non-Chrome browsers, or Windows and Mac computers that only have the Linewize laptop client installed.