Creating a New Local Class in Classwize

Classwize allows Teachers to create local classes from their My Classes dashboard in Classwize. This article discusses how to create a classroom and add students and teachers to it. Find out more about different types of Classwize classes.


This is an optional feature that needs to be activated for your school. If the ADD CLASS button doesn’t appear on your Classwize toolbar, your school has chosen to not enable this.

Creating a New Local Class

  1. On Classwize's My Classes dashboard, select + ADD CLASS.

  1. On the Create a new class dialog:

    1. Enter a descriptive Class name

    2. Select the class mode:

      • Teaching Mode (default): you have full control of the class, including creating rules, using Class Tools, and interacting with your students.

      • Monitor Mode: you can only observe students and  modify who is in the class.

    3. (Optional) Toggle Invitation Code to generate an invitation code that lets you invite students to join your class. See Inviting students to your class with a code  for more information about Invitation Codes and how to use them.

    4. Select SAVE.

  1. The class tile for your new class will now appear on your My classes page.

Adding Students to a Local Class

  1. Find your class in the My classes dashboard.

  2. Select the Settings icon on the class tile. 

  1. The Class settings dialog will appear. On the Students tab, enter the name or email address of the student.

  2. Select the student’s name from the dropdown.
    Repeat Steps 3-4 to add more students.

  3. Select SAVE.

add students to classwize

See Managing Students in a Class for more information on how to add or remove students from your classes. 

Adding Teachers to a Local Class

You can add more teachers to your class. Additional teachers can be teaching assistants or trainees, substitute teachers, or another member of the teaching staff. Additional Teachers will have the same controls and privileges as the original teacher.

  1. Find your class in the My classes dashboard.

  2. Select the Settings icon. The Class settings dialog box will appear.

  3. Select the Teachers tab.

  4. Search the teacher that you want to add by typing their name or their email address in the Teacher(s) of this class dropdown.

  5. Select the teacher’s name from the dropdown.
    Repeat Steps 4-5 to add more teachers.

  6. Select SAVE.

add teachers to a class in classwize

When a teacher is added, they will see the classroom on their My classes dashboard. If the new class doesn’t appear on their dashboard, they may need to refresh their browser.  

Adding a Schedule to a Local Class

Creating a schedule means that this class will run during the scheduled times. Students will be also affected by the Rules of that class every time it is in session. 

  1. Select the Settings icon on your class tile.

  2. Select the Scheduling tab.

  3. Select Add Schedule.

  4. Select the Day, Start Time, and End Time.
    Repeat this step to add more schedules.

  5. Select SAVE.

add class schedules in classwize

See  Scheduling Classes for more information and instructions on creating class schedules.

REMINDER: Classwize does not know when your public holidays or school breaks are, or if the students are supposed to be in another teacher’s class. Please ensure that your schedules are for the actual times when your students should be in your class.

Inviting Students to a New Local Class using Invitation Codes

Classwize allows teachers to generate a 4-digit Invite Code to add students into their Classwize classroom. Students can use the code to temporarily join that class, even if they aren’t normally part of it.

See Inviting Students to Your Class With a Code for more information on how to generate and use Invitation Codes.


I can’t create a new class

Your school may not have enabled this feature. Please contact your school’s IT support if you want to find out more about which Classwize features can be enabled in your school.

I can’t find a student in the list

The student’s details may not be in School Manager, which is the system Classwize checks to see if a student is or isn’t enrolled). Please contact your IT support team. See Managing Students in a Class for more information on how to add or remove students from your classes.

I made a mistake and want to remake my local class

  1. Select Edit Class, then select Delete.

  2. Create a new class again.

I can’t add another teacher to my class

Ensure you are inviting them from the Class Settings > Teachers tab. If you still can’t locate the teacher’s name, contact your IT support team to check if their details are correct in School Manager.

I can't create a new class because the name is already used

Your new class can’t have the same name as any existing class or group name. We recommend using a more descriptive name for your class. For example: “Grade 5 English - Room 3” or “Grade 6 Mathematics - Ms Smith”.