Creating Rules in Block Rules Only Mode

About Classwize Block Rules Only Mode

Block Rules Only Mode (BROM) is a Classwize configuration intended for schools using a filtering solution other than School Manager. If this feature is enabled for your school, then you can only create “Block” rules for your classes. The option to create “Allow” rules will be unavailable. 

Creating a Rule in Blocked Rules Only Mode from Class View

NOTE: For Chrome, Windows and Mac.

  1. Open a class.

  2. Select RULES on the Class toolbar.

  3. Select Create rule to create the first rule for the class. The Add new rule dialog appears.
    NOTE: If you have created rules for the class before, select +New Rule on the Rules panel.

  4. On the This rule controls field, enter the signature (ex., 9gag) or category (ex., Video Games) of the site that you want to block.

  5. On This rule applies to:

    1. Enter or select the name of the student to whom the rule will apply to.

    2. Select the Whole class check box if the rule applies to the whole class.

  6. Select ADD RULE.

Warning: Rules cannot be created for multiple students at once 

You can only apply a Class Rule to either one student or the whole class. To apply the same rule to multiple students (but not the whole class), create a new rule for the same signature or category and assign it to another student.

Creating a Rule from Live View

NOTE: For Live View in Chrome, Windows and Mac.

  1. Start the Class. The class will start in Screen View where each student tile shows a screenshot of their screens or active browser tabs.

  2. Select the screenshot on the student tile. Live View will pop up, showing a preview of the student’s screen or active tab in real-time. 

  3. Select CREATE RULE at the bottom of the Live View screen. The Add new rule dialog will appear with pre-populated fields.

  4. Select ADD RULE

Editing a Rule in Blocked Rules Only Mode

NOTE: For Chrome, Windows and Mac.

  1. Select RULES on the Class Toolbar.

  2. Select the Edit icon (pencil) for the rule that you want to delete. 

  3. On the Edit class rule dialog that appears:

    1. To replace the current signature or category: Select a new signature or category from the This rule controls dropdown to replace the current 

    2. To replace the current student: Select the name of the students from This rule applies to dropdown. 

    3. To apply the rule to the whole class: Select the Whole class check box.

  4. Select UPDATE.

Deleting a Rule in Block Rule Only Mode

NOTE: For Chrome, Windows and Mac.

There are two ways to delete rules in Block Rules Only Mode.

  1. Select Delete all on the Rules menu to delete all rules.

  2. Select the  Edit icon (pencil) next to each rule, then select DELETE RULE on the Edit class rule dialog box.

You can also temporarily enable or disable a rule by selecting the On or Off button next to it.


Will Class Tools work with Block Rule Only Mode?

Some Class Tools will be unavailable when Block Rule Only Mode is enabled because these tools will not work without Allow rules.  Use the following reference to determine which Class Tools will work in Block Rules Only Mode.

AnnouncementBypass code
Modify students
Open site
Pause internet

What can I do if I want to allow my class to access a site or a category?

Your school’s IT team or service provider may be able to unblock the resource for you using your school’s filtering solution. Contact them with the details of your request, such as the name of the class, websites or categories you need allowed, and your class schedule. 

How will I know if my school has enabled the Block Rule Only Mode?

When you add a rule in Classwize, the Add new rule dialog box will only have the Blocked option, and the Allowed option will not appear for you.

When you select RULES on the toolbar in Classroom View, it will show only Blocked rules and none of the Allowed ones.