Creating Student Journey Reports in Classwize

About the Student Journey Report

student journey report sample

The Student Journey Report is a comprehensive report about a student’s online activities during school time. It provides details about a selected student’s internet activities, including: 

The date and time stamps on a student’s online activities, up to the last 30 days. The report presents data from the newest to oldest by default.
If access to a site, application, search, or video  content was: 
  • Blocked - websites, applications, videos, and other content that the student was blocked from accessing 
  • Flagged - websites, applications, searches, videos and other content that trigger red flags (for example: violent content, gambling, self-harm)
  • Allowed - websites, applications, searches, and videos that are that the student was allowed to access
The category of applications and websites that the student opened or visited. Categories form the basis for allowing or blocking traffic from certain sites, searches, and videos.  
The website or application that the user has visited, the YouTube videos that they watched, and the searches they completed in Google.  

Browsing activities done using devices with the Linewize Connect Chrome extension are identified by web page titles. It also shows the search expressions or keywords used by the student to find information or videos (Google and YouTube).  
The type of activity done by the student:
  • Web - browsing a website or application
  • Video - watching or streaming Youtube videos
  • Search - searching in Google

Before you start

In order to generate Student Journey Reports, your school needs to do some setup.

  • Enable Student Journey Report in School Manager

The Student Journey Report is an optional feature and must be enabled in School Manager to work in Classwize.  Check with your school or district’s IT department if this feature is available.   

  • Select the Teachers who can generate Student Journey Reports

Only teachers approved by your school or district can generate Student Journey Reports. You may need to ask for permission from your school or district to access this feature, or contact your IT department for help. 

Generating the Student Journey Report

You can only generate Student Journey Reports for students who are in your class. If a student is not in any of your classes, then you cannot create their Student Journey Report for them.  

  1. In Classwize, open or start a Class.

  2. On the Class screen, select BROWSER HISTORY > STUDENT JOURNEY

  3. On the Export Student Journey Report dialog that appears:

    1. Select or enter the student’s name.

    2. Select the date range for the report.
      Note: Longer periods may take longer to generate.

    3. Select YES or NO if you want to include the student’s last hour of activities.
      Note: It may take up to an hour to generate data from the last hour.

    4. Enter an optional Cover Page comment. 

    5. Select EXPORT.  You will receive a confirmation message that the report will be emailed to you.