Ending or extending Classwize Sessions

This article explains how to use the Edit Classwize Session feature to end or extend an unscheduled Classwize session.

Scheduled or unscheduled Classwize sessions

A scheduled session is created in advance by using the Add schedule tool. Scheduling a session means that it will automatically start and stop on the same day, at the same time, until you change the schedule. If you schedule a session for Monday from 09:00am to 10:00am, it will run every Monday during that time. However, you can't change the end time of a scheduled session once it's started.

Starting a class using the Start Class button creates an unscheduled Session immediately that runs once and only once until the end time you set. You can edit these unscheduled sessions once they've started, ending them early or making them run longer.

Editing an unscheduled Classwize Session

  1. If you have started a session using the Start Class button, select the In session until button.

  1. The Edit Classwize session dialog will appear. Change the end time using the dropdown or select End Now.

Important: Selecting End Now will end the session immediately. If you do this by mistake, you'll need to start the class again.

  1. Select Save