Ending or Extending Classwize Sessions

This article is intended for Teachers.

Extending Scheduled sessions

A scheduled session is created in advance of a class by using the Add schedule feature on your Class Settings. 

Scheduling a session means that the selected class will automatically start and stop on the same day(s), at the same time(s), until you change the schedule. If you schedule a session for Monday from 08:00am to 09:30am, your class will run every Monday during that time. 

Editing a scheduled session

You can't change the end time of a scheduled session once it's started. To change the start or end time of a scheduled session, wait until the class has ended, and then go to the Scheduling tab of your class settings. 

Extending unscheduled sessions

Unscheduled sessions are classes that run only once and end at the time that you set. You can start an unscheduled session by opening a class and selecting the START CLASS button on your Classwize toolbar, or selecting the START CLASS on a class tile from your Classwize dashboard. The session will start immediately.  

Editing an unscheduled Classwize session

You can edit these unscheduled sessions once they've started, ending them early or making them run longer.

  1. Select the In session until button.

  1. The Edit Classwize session dialog will appear. Select the new time from the dropdown.

  1. Select SAVE.

Tip: Selecting END NOW will end the session immediately.

Working with Classwize Rules during scheduled and unscheduled sessions

You can create, edit, and delete rules for your class at any time, and Classwize will automatically save them. However, rules for a class apply only when that class is in session, even if you create them before the session starts.  

For more information about how Rules work, see: 


I can't edit multiple classes at once

There is no bulk edit feature for multiple classes. You will need to schedule sessions for each class individually. However, you can schedule multiple sessions for a single class at once.

I can't edit a scheduled class once it has started

You can't edit a scheduled session once it's started. This is to stop it from running into other scheduled sessions, which could cause students to appear in two classes at once.

I got an "Unable to add schedule due to time restrictions set by your school" error

Your school or school district has set limits on when teachers can schedule classes, usually to make sure classes aren't scheduled outside of school hours. If you keep getting this error, please contact your local IT support.