Getting Started


Introduction to Class Tools
An introduction to using Classwize's Class Tools to manage and interact with your classroom.
Introduction to Classwize Rules
An introduction to using Classwize's Rules to interact with your school's internet filter and control what students can and can't access.
Introduction to Signatures
This article describes what Signatures are and how they work.
Scheduling Classes
Scheduling is useful when you're teaching the same class multiple times per week, or are teaching a lot of different classes that start and end at a specific time.
Introduction to Class Types
An introduction to the Classwize Classrooms, this article discusses when to use each type of class and how to identify them in Classwize.
Classwize Feature Availability for Teachers
This article outlines which Classwize features are available to teachers when students are On-Network during School Hours and when students are Off-Network during School Hours.