Help Syncing Classwize with Google Classroom

This topic describes how to troubleshoot problems that may occur when you try to sync Classwize with Google Classroom.

I don’t see a ‘Sync’ button.

The Sync button may not show up for you for a few reasons:

1. Your local IT support hasn’t turned the feature on.

Syncing with Google Classroom is an optional feature in Classwize.  You may need to ask your local IT support to turn it on—but be aware that they may have good reasons for keeping it turned off.

2. You’re in an individual or active classroom.

The SYNC button only appears on the My Classes page that shows all of your classes.  It will not appear inside individual classrooms.

3. Your school doesn’t use Google Classroom.

Only schools using Google Classroom can use the Sync feature.

I don’t have any active classes, but I got a Google Sync Error that says “Sync can’t be run while there are active classes".


  1. Refresh your browser window
  2. Confirm there are still no active classes
  3. Run the sync again. 

If you get the same error message again after this, contact your local IT support.

Students that I added to my class using my Class Tools are gone.

Syncing Classwize with Google Classroom will undo any changes you made to your class using Classwize’s Modify Students Class Tool.  Students you added this way will be removed, and students you removed will be added back.  

If these students regularly do (or don’t) attend your class, you should add or remove them using Google Classroom.