How to Stop Classwize Chat Popup Notifications

NOTE: This guide is intended specifically for blocking Classwize Chat  popup notifications.

Classwize Chat notifications can be disabled on your browser’s settings. Select your browser for instructions on disabling Classwize Chat notifications.

Stop chat notifications on Google Chrome

OPTION 1: Configure the Site Settings

  1. On the address bar, select the View site information icon (padlock) on the left of the Classwize URL for your school.
  2. Select Site Settings.

blocking website notifications on chrome

  1. The Privacy and security settings page will open. On Permissions > Notifications, select Block from the dropdown.

blocking notifications on google chrome

  1. Close the Settings window or tab.

OPTION 2: Set Privacy and Security Settings

  1. Select Options  on the upper-right side of the browser window, and then select Settings.

  2. Select Privacy and Security on the left, and then select Site Settings.

  3. On the Site Settings page, scroll down to the Permissions section, then select Notifications.

  4. On the Notifications page, select your preferred setting:

  • To block all notifications, select Don’t allow sites to send notifications. This will block notifications from ALL websites.

chrome-don't allow sites to send notifications

  • To block notifications from a specific websites (for example, Classwize),:
  1. Under the Customized behaviours section, select Add.
  2. Enter your school’s Classwize URL on the Add a site dialog.
  3. Select Add.  Classwize will be shown on the list of sites with blocked notifications.

block notifications on chrome

Stop chat notifications on Firefox

If you are logging into Classwize for the first time using Mozilla Firefox, you may be prompted to set  notifications for the site. 

Select Always Block to disable all notifications from Classwize.

always block notifications on firefox

If this is not the first time you're logging in to Classwize using Firefox, or if you have previously allowed Classwize to send you notifications, select the Notifications icon on the left of the Classwize URL, and then select Always Block on the dialog that appears. 

always notifications for a site on firefox shortcut

Stop chat notifications on Safari

If you are logging in to Classwize using Safari for the first time, you may get a prompt to set notifications. Select Don’t Allow to disable Classwize notifications on Safari.

don't allow notifications on safari

To block chat notifications if this is not your first time to log in to Classwize on Safari:

  1. On the menu, select Safari > Preferences.

  2. On the Preferences dialog, select Websites.

  3. On the list of settings on the left, select Notifications.

  4. On the websites panel on the right, select Deny for Classwize from the dropdown. 

deny notifications for website on safari