Introduction to Classwize Rules

This topic provides a basic introduction to using Classwize Rules.

The Classwize header navigatio menu with the Rules button highlighted.

What are Classwize Rules?

Classwize Rules are the primary way that you can interact with your school's internet filter during your class.  Classwize Rules can be used to allow students to access sites that are normally blocked by the filter, and to stop students from accessing sites that the filter would normally allow.  You can make a rule apply to your entire class, or to a single student, and the rule will keep applying to your class until you decide to turn it off.

Important Concepts: Locking, Blocking and Allowing


Locked sites are hard-blocked by your school's internet filter and can’t be unblocked by an Allowed Rule or a Bypass code. If you set an Allowed Rule and your students still can’t access the site, it may be ‘Locked’ by your school. If you think a site you want to allow is Locked, contact your local IT support team.


A Blocked site or application can’t be accessed during your class even if your school's filter normally allows it.  Students shouldn't be able to access this site.

Smoothwall users have access to Blocked rules only. 


An Allowed site or application can be accessed during your class even if your school normally blocks it, unless it has been Locked by your school.

Allowed rules are not available to Smoothwall users. 

The Classwize Rules List

The Rules List in Classwize, showing four different rules

The Rules dropdown list shows you all the filtering rules you’ve set for your class so far, and who they apply to.

  1. The name of the website or application the rule applies to.
  2. Who the rule applies to.  Rules can apply either to the whole class (all users) or to a single student.
  3. Whether the rule is blocking or allowing access to the site.  Select between Blocking and Allowing the site.
  4. Edit or delete the rule.

In this example:

  • Cool Math Games has been Blocked. None of the students in the class can access the website.
  • Hot Maths has been Allowed.  All students in the class can access the website
  • YouTube has been Blocked for all students but Allowed for Bukar Harouna.  Bukar Harouna will be able to access YouTube, but none of the other students will be able to.

Adding, Editing and Removing Classwize Rules

Adding, editing and removing Classwize Rules is simple to do.

Adding a Classwize Rule

  1. Search to find and select the signature you want to block or allow.
  2. Choose to Block or Allow the site or application.
  3. Choose who to apply the rule to:
    • Check the Whole class box to apply the rule to all students in your class. 
    •  Uncheck the Whole class box to apply the rule to a single student.  Search to find the student using the drop-down list.  
  4. Select Add Rule to turn the Rule on.

Editing Classwize Rules

You can edit the Classwize Rules at any time. To edit a rule:

  1. Select the Edit icon

  1. Make any changes to the rule and select Update

Deleting Classwize Rules

You can remove individual Classwize Rules, or remove all rules at once.

Deleting a Single Classwize Rule

To remove a single rule:

  1. Edit the rule
  2. Select Delete Rule.

Deleting All Classwize Rules

This is a permanent action and can't be undone.

To remove all the rules in your class:

  1.  Open the Rules menu
  2. Select Delete All

  1. A confirmation window will appear. Click Delete to proceed with clearing all rules.