Bite-Sized Classwize Videos for US Schools

This article is intended for teachers in the United States.

New to Classwize or returning after school holidays? The Classwize Bite-Sized video series is here to help you get the most out of Classwize in your classroom.  Each video is less than three minutes long and explores a different topic or feature in Classwize,  from navigating the interface to creating rules.

Classwize Overview

Your Classwize classroom management tool allows you to see students’ screens, interact with one or more of your students, and use powerful features that keep them focused, engaged, and less distracted when connected to the internet (get the Classwize Quick Guide).

Features Overview

Classwize features help you manage individual students and your class as a whole when they are connected to the Internet. These easy to use and powerful features give you a real-time view of student screens, the ability to set website access rules, the option to focus students on select sites and more.


Focus allows you to restrict students' access to one or more website(s) or categories of websites that you choose. With Focus engaged, students are blocked from all other sites outside the one(s) you’ve selected (read more).

Live View

Live View allows you to see students’ screens on Windows and Chromebook devices, in real time, and take actions to help keep students focused and engaged (read more).


The Rules feature can be used to block students in your classroom from accessing sites that are normally allowed by the school’s content filter. And, if your district also uses the Linewize content filter, you can allow students access to sites that are normally blocked by the content filter (read more).