Logging Into a Captive Portal

This article is intended for Teachers. 

What is a Captive Portal?

A Captive Portal is a web page that users must log into before they can access the Internet or local networks. Your school may have set up a Captive Portal to stop people from connecting to your school’s network unless they can show that they’re staff or students. 

Your school may also have configured a Captive Portal to make sure that guests and visitors agree to the terms and conditions of connecting on the Internet as guests before giving them access to it.

Example of a Captive Portal

If you’ve tried to connect to the Internet in a public place, such as a library, airport or cafe, and haven’t been able to use the Internet until you entered an email address or agreed to terms and conditions, you’ve used a Captive Portal.

Logging in to Captive Portal

If you’re connecting for the first time after the school has enabled Captive Portal, you may be blocked from accessing the internet. Students may also be asked to log in to Captive Portal while the class is in session. 

To log in to Captive Portal:

If your school has set up a Captive Portal page, you may be automatically taken to the login page. Otherwise, go to login.linewize.net

  1. Select Login to Network.

  1. Enter your school account’s username and password.

  2. Select Sign in with Username and Password.

Tip: If your school uses Google or Azure, you can  select either Sign in with Google or Sign in with Azure and follow the prompts instead. You will be taken back to Captive Portal upon successful login.

  1. Select an option for associating the device.  

  • Continue and Save My Device: Select this option if you’re the only one using the device. Captive Portal will associate this device with your account and you will no longer be asked to log in when accessing the school network using this device until you log out of Captive Portal.
  • Continue Without Saving: Select this option if you are using a shared device (for example, a computer at a lab or classroom). Captive Portal will ask you to log in each time you access the network from this device.

Warning: Protect your privacy

To ensure your personal data is protected, always log out of Captive Portal after using a shared device. 

Upon successfully logging in, you can either visit your My Dashboard page or browse to your desired websites.

Logging Out of Captive Portal

This section is for users of shared devices like lab or classroom computers.

To ensure your data is protected if you’re using a shared computer, make sure to log out of Captive Portal after using the device. 

  1. Go to https://login.linewize.net

  2. Select one of the following:

  • Logout of Network if you are logged in with your school account using username and password.
  • Logout of Network and Google if you are logged in using your Google account.
  • Logout of Network and Azure if you are logged in using your Azure AD account.


Why is my school’s Captive Portal asking me to log in?

The Captive Portal can appear when:

  • Your computer or device isn’t recognized by your school’s IT network. 

  • You were logged out on the shared computer. 

  • The school requires you to login each time you connect to the network.

  • The school has reset all network connections at the school.  

When the Captive Portal appears on your device, you then have to login using the credentials provided by your school, such as your username and password, or your Google or Azure AD account.

I think one of my students is stuck on a Captive Portal. How can I help them log in?

First, you need to determine if your student is stuck on the school’s Captive Portal or a public Captive Portal as this will have different troubleshooting steps. Public Captive Portals can be set up in many different ways. If your student is having trouble logging in to a Public Captive Portal, contact your school’s IT for assistance.

If the student is stuck on the school Captive Portal, try to manually log out. If they can’t manually log out, try: 

  • Closing all browsers on the student’s device

  • Disconnecting and reconnecting the device to the school’s network

  • Open a new browser session and, if necessary, go to https://login.linewize.net

My student can’t connect to the school’s internet. Is that because of the Captive Portal?

Captive Portal can be one reason why one of your students can’t connect to your school’s internet or internal network. Students at schools that use a Captive Portal must log into the Portal before they can access the internet. 

Direct the student to https://login.linewize.net to see if they have logged into the Captive Portal. If they are logged in, they will see their MY School Manager dashboard. If they are logged in but still can’t connect to the internet, contact your school’s IT support. 

If they are not logged into Captive Portal, and the option to log in doesn’t appear, you can try:

  • Closing all browsers on the student’s device

  • Disconnecting and reconnecting the device to the school’s network

  • Open a new browser session and, if necessary, go to https://login.linewize.net

Does my student have to login to Captive portal when they bring a new BYOD to school?

Yes, if your school has enabled Captive Portal, students will need to sign into Captive Portal each time they bring a new device to school and connect it to the school’s network. They can then choose to permanently associate the device to their user account, which will remove the need to log into Captive Portal on that device in the future. 

Quick Guides 

Download or print these guides for logging into Captive Portal.