Logging Into a Captive Portal

During an active class, students may encounter a Captive Portal that prevents them from accessing the internet or school resources. This article describes how teachers can help their students get past a Captive Portal and continue on with their class.

What is a Captive Portal?

A Captive Portal is a web page that users must interact with before they can access the internet or local networks. If you’ve tried to connect to the internet in a public place like a library, airport or cafe and haven’t been able to use the internet until you entered an email address and agreed to terms and conditions, you’ve used a Captive Portal.

Your school may have set up a Captive Portal to stop people from connecting to your school’s network or internet connection unless they can show that they’re actually staff or students. You may also use a Captive Portal to make sure that guests and visitors at your campus agree to the terms and conditions of using a guest internet service before giving them access to it.

Captive Portal Troubleshooting

Why is my school’s Captive Portal asking me to log in?

The Captive Portal can appear when your computer or device isn’t recognized by your school’s IT network. You will need to log in to use the internet. If you’re having trouble logging in or remembering your password, you should contact your school’s IT support team.

School Captive Portal

  1. Select Login to Network

  1. Type in your school account username and password, then select Sign in with Username and Password.

  1. Once you have successfully logged in you can begin using the internet.

I think one of my students is stuck on a Captive Portal. How can I help them get logged in?

First, you need to determine if your student is stuck on the school or a public Captive Portal as this will have different troubleshooting steps.

Public Captive Portal

Public Captive Portals can be set up in many different ways. If your student is having trouble logging in to a Public Captive Portal, you should direct them to a nearby staff member for assistance.