Monitor Only Mode Classrooms

Monitor Only Mode Classes are a special type of Local classroom that allows you to see student activity without interacting with the class using Class Tools or Rules. Monitoring Only Mode is an optional feature that your school or district can choose to enable for specific teachers, so if you don't see the option, don't worry!

Monitoring Classes differ from other classes in some important ways:

  • All Class Tools and Rules are disabled
  • Classes can have a maximum of 50 students
  • Only one Monitor Mode class can be active per teacher at a time
  • Monitor Mode classes are active and show student activity across the whole school day, even if the students aren't in other classes

Creating a Monitoring Only Classroom

  1.  In Classwize, select Add Class 
  2. Enter a Class a Name
  3. Toggle the Monitor Only Mode toggle
  4. Select Save
    set up monitor-only mode class
  5. Add the students to the class. 

Why don't I have the Monitor Only Mode toggle?

Monitoring Only Mode is an optional feature. Your school has to both turn it on and then choose to give you access to it for you to see the toggle and be able to create monitoring-only classes.