New Articles

  1. Bite-Sized Classwize Videos for US Schools

    New to Classwize? Returning after the summer break? Our quick video tutorials will introduce you to key features and tools to help you get the most out of Classwize in your classroom.
  2. Using the Classwize Help Center

    Learn how to access help guides and troubleshooting articles on the Classwize Help Center.
  3. Using Class Ready Youtube (Full-Screen Mode)

    The Class Ready YouTube feature minimizes distraction by opening Youtube videos in full-screen.
  4. Classwize Release 2022-005

    This release of Classwize features the new Screenshot History Report, a new reporting tool that lets you generate, view, and download reports of students’ browsing history as screenshots. Classwize now also lets you open Youtube videos in full-screen mode to avoid distraction.
  5. Waiting for Student Activity

    This guide provides troubleshooting information if a student tile is stuck on "Waiting for Student Activity" in Classwize.
  6. Student Journey Report FAQ

    This article provides common question and answers about the Student Journey Report.
  7. Creating Screenshot History Reports

    This article discusses and provides instructions on how to create Screenshot History Reports in Classwize.
  8. Creating Rules in Block Rules Only Mode

    This guide provides the steps and solutions for creating Classwize rules in Block Rules Only Mode.
  9. Classwize Release 2022-004

    This release of Classwize helps you better manage your class with an updated Pause Internet feature.
  10. Classwize and School Manager Cloud Release 3.1.102

    In this release of Classwize, we fixed a few issues with extending Monitor-only classes, notifications when students are modified students in synced classes, and reconnecting Live View.