New Articles

  1. Classwize Feature Availability for Teachers

    This article outlines which Classwize features are available to teachers when students are On-Network during School Hours and when students are Off-Network during School Hours.
  2. How to Stop Classwize Chat Popup Notifications

    How to disable Classwize chat popup notifications on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  3. Classwize stuck on “We’re loading your classes as fast as we can”

    If Classwize takes more than a minute to load your classes, please try these troubleshooting steps.
  4. Classwize Release 2021-004

    Release notes for Classwize 2021-004.
  5. Introduction to Class Types

    An introduction to the Classwize Classrooms, this article discusses when to use each type of class and how to identify them in Classwize.
  6. Managing Students in a Class

    In Classwize, you can easily add or remove students from an active Local or Synced class to reflect who is present on the day. This article shows you how this can be done and goes through some troubleshooting steps.
  7. Starting, Extending and Ending a Class

    Classwize allows Teachers to start, extend or end a class at any time. This article discusses how to carry out those functions and covers some troubleshooting steps.
  8. Creating New Local Classes

    Classwize allows Teachers to create a local classroom from their dashboard. This is an optional feature that may not be available at your school. This article discusses how to create a classroom, invite students, and some troubleshooting steps.
  9. Using Classwize Chat

    Classwize Chat allows teachers to communicate with students in real-time during an active class. Students can only chat with their teacher during an active class and can’t chat with other students.
  10. Using Live View

    Live View is a feature that allows teachers to see, in real-time, what students in their class are looking at.