New Articles

  1. Creating Rules Block in Rules Only Mode New

    This guide provides the steps and solutions for creating Classwize rules in Block Rules Only Mode.
  2. Classwize Release 2022-004

    This release of Classwize helps you better manage your class with an updated Pause Internet feature.
  3. Classwize and School Manager Cloud Release 3.1.102

    In this release of Classwize, we fixed a few issues with extending Monitor-only classes, notifications when students are modified students in synced classes, and reconnecting Live View.
  4. Classwize Release 2022-003

    We’ve introduced a few improvements to Classwize by fixing a few issues with system incident alerts and Support display.
  5. Classwize Release 2022-002

    The Student Journey Report is now integrated in Classwize. This highly requested feature is now accessible to approved teachers to generate reports on their students’ online activities within Classwize.
  6. Creating Student Journey Reports in Classwize

    This article describes using the Browser History button to create a Student Journey Report in Classwize, a comprehensive report about a student’s online activities during school time
  7. Classwize Release 2022-001

    This update includes a way for you to send feedback to the Classwize Product Team directly from any Classwize screen, plus a few improvements to Classwize’s load times and user interface.
  8. Classwize Feature Availability for Teachers

    This article outlines which Classwize features are available to teachers when students are On-Network during School Hours and when students are Off-Network during School Hours.
  9. Syncing With Google Classroom

    This article explains how to get the most recent version of your class and students from Google Classroom into Classwize and how to resolve common issues that can occur when syncing.
  10. Introduction to Classwize Rules

    An introduction to using Classwize's Rules to interact with your school's internet filter and control what students can and can't access.