Popular Articles

  1. Classwize Feature Availability for Teachers

    This article outlines which Classwize features are available to teachers when students are On-Network during School Hours and when students are Off-Network during School Hours.
  2. How Classwize Rules Work

    A comprehensive overview of how Classwize's filtering rules work and what happens when you combine different rules like block, allow, focus and pause.
  3. Inviting students to your class with a code

    This article explains how to generate a code that lets students join a class.
  4. Monitor Only Mode Classrooms

    Monitor Only Mode Classes are a special, optional class type of Local classroom that allows teachers to see student activity without interacting with the class using Class Tools or Rules.
  5. Creating a New Local Class in Classwize

    This article provides the steps on how to create a classroom and add students, teachers, and schedules to it.
  6.  Creating Classwize Student Journey Reports

    This article provides an overview of Classwize's Student Journey Report. It also provides instructions and a video tutorial on how to generate the Report for your students.
  7. Help Syncing Classwize with Google Classroom

    How to solve common problems and issues that can happen when syncing Classwize with Google Classroom.
  8.  How to Block Classwize Chat Popup Notifications

    This article provides instructions on how to block Classwize chat pop-ups on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.
  9. Introduction to Class Types

    This article provides an overview of the three types of classes in Classwize: Local, Synced, and Monitor Only.
  10. Starting, Extending and Ending a Class

    This article shows you how to start, extend, and end classes in Classwize, and troubleshoot issues with class durations.