Starting, Extending and Ending a Class

This article is intended for teachers.

Classwize allows teachers to manually start, extend or end an unscheduled class. You can also manually start a scheduled class early, or change its end time before the class starts. 

Starting a Class

  1. On the Classwize My Classes page, select START CLASS on the tile of the class that you want to start.

  1. On the Start Classwize session dialog that appears, select the time from the Session ends at: dropdown. You can also type your preferred end time in 5-minute intervals. 

  1. Select START. The class will now be in session until your selected end time.

Extending a class

You can extend a manually-started class by changing its end-time. You can also extend a scheduled class, but only if it has not already started.

  1. In Class view, select In session until on the menu bar. The Edit Classwize session dialog will appear.

  1. Select the new end time on the In session until: dropdown list. You can also type your preferred end time here in 5-minute intervals. 

The session will now extend and automatically end at the new end-time.

Ending a Class

You can manually end a manually-started class if it finishes early. However, you cannot manually end a scheduled class if it has already started.

To end a local class early:

  1. On the menu bar of the Class view, select the In session until: button.
  2. On the Edit Classwize session dialog, select END NOW.    

The session will immediately end and will remain inactive until you start or schedule a class.


I can’t extend or end the class. What should I do?

  1. Has your class already started? If so, check if the class session is scheduled. If the session is scheduled, you will not be able to extend the class past the scheduled end time, or end the class before its scheduled end time. 

  2. Is the class still active? You can’t extend a class that’s already ended. To check if your class is inactive or has ended:
  • On the Class view, a red dot appears next to the class name on the menu bar. This indicates that the class is inactive or not in session. Another indicator that the class is inactive is the START CLASS button on the right of the class name.

  • On the My classes page, an inactive class is accompanied by the START CLASS button, while a class that’s in session has a green dot indicator. The In session until button also appears on the active class’s tile. 

Can I start or extend a session outside school hours?

You can only start, extend, or end a session within the hours set by your school or district. For example, if your school has set the hours from 08:00 to 16:00 as school time, then you can only start, schedule, or extend a class inside these hours. You won’t be able to extend a class past the end of school hours.

The hours when you can start or extend sessions are configured by your school’s IT administrator in School Manager. Speak to your school’s IT administrator if you need to run sessions outside normal school hours.

My scheduled class finished early. Why can’t I end the session in Classwize? 

You cannot end a scheduled class once it has started. Scheduled classes start and end automatically, and all filtering rules for that class will be activated while the scheduled class is in session. 

To change or remove a class schedule, open your Class Setting (see below), then edit the schedule on the Schedule tab.  See Scheduling Classes for more on how scheduled classes work.