Updated Articles

  1. Waiting for Student Activity

    This guide provides troubleshooting information if a student tile is stuck on "Waiting for Student Activity" in Classwize.
  2. Classwize Rules FAQ

    This article answers common questions about using Rules in Classwize and provides troubleshooting advice for common scenarios and problems.
  3. How Classwize Rules Work

    A comprehensive overview of how Classwize's filtering rules work and what happens when you combine different rules like block, allow, focus and pause.
  4.  Bite-Sized Classwize Videos for US Schools

    New to Classwize? Returning after the summer break? Our quick video tutorials will introduce you to key features and tools to help you get the most out of Classwize in your classroom.
  5. Introduction to Signatures

    This article describes what Signatures are and how they work.
  6. Using the Classwize Help Center

    Learn how to access help guides and troubleshooting articles on the Classwize Help Center.
  7. Using Classwize Live View

    Live View is a feature that allows teachers to see, in real-time, what students in their class are looking at.
  8. Creating Rules in Block Rules Only Mode

    This guide provides the steps and solutions for creating Classwize rules in Block Rules Only Mode.
  9.  Ending or Extending Classwize Sessions

    This article explains how to end or extend unscheduled classes using use the Edit Classwize Session feature.
  10. Using Class Ready Youtube (Full-Screen Mode)

    The Class Ready YouTube feature minimizes distraction by opening Youtube videos in full-screen.