Updated Articles

  1. Classwize stuck on “We’re loading your classes as fast as we can”

    If Classwize takes more than a minute to load your classes, please try these troubleshooting steps.
  2. Scheduling Classes

    Scheduling is useful when you're teaching the same class multiple times per week, or are teaching a lot of different classes that start and end at a specific time.
  3. Using Classwize Chat

    Classwize Chat allows teachers to communicate with students in real-time during an active class. Students can only chat with their teacher during an active class and can’t chat with other students.
  4. Creating a New Local Class in Classwize

    This article provides the steps on how to create a classroom and add students, teachers, and schedules to it.
  5. Closing Tabs

    Close tab is an optional Classwize feature that lets you immediately close any Chrome tab that a student has open, including tabs that they have open but aren't currently looking at.
  6. Introduction to Class Tools

    An introduction to using Classwize's Class Tools to manage and interact with your classroom.
  7. Classwize Release 2022-004

    This release of Classwize helps you better manage your class with an updated Pause Internet feature.
  8. Classwize and School Manager Cloud Release 3.1.102

    In this release of Classwize, we fixed a few issues with extending Monitor-only classes, notifications when students are modified students in synced classes, and reconnecting Live View.
  9. Inviting students to your class with a code

    This article explains how to generate a code that lets students join a class.
  10. Starting, Extending and Ending a Class

    This article shows you how to start, extend, and end classes in Classwize, and troubleshoot issues with class durations.