Using Class Ready Youtube (Full-Screen Mode)

This article is intended for Teachers.

The Class Ready YouTube feature minimizes distraction by opening Youtube videos in full-screen. 

Open Youtube in Full-Screen Mode

When students view YouTube videos in full screen:

  • suggested video thumbnails and links will be hidden while the video is playing

  • students can’t see or post comments

  • students can’t like or dislike videos

  • settings for subtitles, autoplay, viewing options, download, clip, save to playlist, report, and transcript will be hidden.

Students can still turn on subtitles; pause, play, rewind or fast-forward the video; and adjust the video’s volume.  

REMINDER: Private Youtube Videos

Class Ready Youtube will not display private videos or videos that publishers have set as private.  It will show videos that are (1) public or unlisted and (2) allowed for embedding in other pages.

For more information about Youtube's visibility settings and how to share videos, see:

Opening YouTube in Full-Screen Mode

You can open YouTube videos in full-screen mode for students using the Open Site or Open Tab functionality. While the class is active or in session, go to:

  • Class Tools > Open Site

  • Student Tile > Open Tab

  • Student Tile > Live View > Open Site.

This feature works with Connect on Chrome, Windows and Mac.

Classwize Feature Compatibility

Class Ready Youtube works with the following Classwize features:

Some Classwize features or settings may not work with YouTube in full-screen mode: 

  • Chat and Announcement: Students can’t open YouTube full-screen URLs sent on Chat or Announcements. 

  • Focus: Focus uses a website’s domain or signature instead of URLs. 

  • Pause Internet: YouTube will not load on students’ computers while Pause Internet is on.

  • Blocked Rule: If a Blocked rule has been created for YouTube, the full-screen video will not load on the student’s screen.


I get the "This video is private" message.

Class Ready Youtube will not show private Youtube videos. Publishers have to invite users by email to view the videos that they have set as private.

The video is public, but my student gets the "Video unavailable" screen.

It means that the video's publisher does not allow sharing of their videos on other pages. 

To make the video visible to your students, do either of the following:

  • Toggle off Open in Full Screen Mode, then select OPEN SITE.

  • Ask your student to select the Watch on Youtube link provided on the alert.

Note: The videos will show in normal Youtube view.