Using the Classwize Help Center

The Classwize Help Center gives you access to help articles and feature guides without leaving Classwize.  

Accessing Help articles 

You can find Classwize Help on the Classwize toolbar, as shown below:

When you select Help on the Classwize toolbar, the Help Center panel will appear on the right side of the screen, showing recommended and popular help guides that are relevant to the current page you’re browsing.  

Navigating the Help Center

The Help Center has four main sections:

  • Help Center Tab: The Help Center tab shows the different available help topics. . Select a topic to show the list of articles under that category. 
  • Recommended Tab: The Recommended tab shows the links to help articles that are relevant to the Classwize page you’re currently on.  In the following example, the Recommended tab shows links to guides that are related to extending or ending the session, using Live View and Class Tools, creating Reports, and troubleshooting issues.

  • Search Bar: The Search Bar lets you search for help articles within Classwize. Search results start to appear as you’re typing the keywords. For more search results, press Enter on your keyboard.

  • Content Area: The Content Area features (a) recommended articles, (b) category content, (c) help article and (d) help categories.

Help Center in full site

Selecting Open in full site opens the current page in a new tab and gives you access to the full Classwize Help site.