Waiting for Student Activity

While a class is in session, Classwize tries to connect to your students' devices. When Classwize doesn't get a response from the students' device, it will display Waiting for student activity.

Waiting for student activity scenarios 

You may see Waiting for Student Activity when:

  • You haven't started your class yet
  • You've just started your class and Classwize is in the process of connecting to your students. This can take a couple of minutes sometimes.
  • The class has ended
  • The student:
    • Is sick at home, on vacation or otherwise not in school/absent
    • Is using a personal device or phone that doesn't have Classwize installed on it
    • Is hotspotting—connecting to the internet using their own internet connection
    • Isn't connected to the internet
    • Hasn't used their device to do anything for a while

What should I do?

Most of the time this status simply means that the student is absent from school or hasn't used their device for several minutes. You may want to confirm if the student is supposed to be in your class, or if they've just stepped away for a few minutes. This is common in remote learning environments.

However, if you can see that the student is present in your class, you may want to check and see what they're up to. They may be having trouble connecting to the internet, or they may be using a personal device to bypass Classwize and your school's internet filter.

Finally, if you can see that the student is present in your class and they're not having internet trouble or doing anything that's cause for concern, Classwize may not be working on their device. You should have the student contact or bring the device to your school's  IT support.